Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life shmife

So I'm still hot on the quest to find that video that just goes completely viral and gets over a million hits, but so far I haven't come across anything too great but I'll keep my camera rolling for that one time that something amazing does happen and I'll be sure to get it on film. Today's quote is from lds.org. I was looking for some good words from the prophets and thought I'd share this:

 Since we don’t always desire that which is good, having all our desires granted to us would not bring us happiness. -James E. Faust

I like being happy, but I had never really thought about it this way. The lord knows what will make us happy even when we don't so we just got to trust him that whatever he does is for our good and that everything we want and wish for isn't always going to bring us the happiness we think it will.
I've just switched my major to Marketing with a minor in Multimedia. I'm super stoked to get started but that stokedness is really killing my motivation to finish the classes I have and need to pass now. Hope I can get that done.

I'm still doing a lot of stuff for Red Bull. Got a lot of things to do and due this week and working up until finals, I still enjoy it all and am super stoked I have the job. I feel like I'm killing it a little more than the other SBMs... but don't tell them cause I like them.

Had a good chat with the padres on the sabbath day about making my life better and reaching for my potential, shooting for my dreams, and what my purpose in life is. We decided I'm good at making people laugh so I should write a stand-up bit and perform it sometime. My goal is 1 joke a day. So far its harder than I thought but I'm still determined to get it done. Maybe I will perform it for the Banner Christmas party.... maybe haha.

Life's good....straight up it all just depends on how you look at it.

Stay Sweet!



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