Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to enable multiple page admins on Google+

Let me just say that I'm stoked Google finally released the ability to have multiple admins on your Google+ business page. I recently created a business page with my personal account and almost deleted it to make one from a generic gmail because I couldn't find anywhere that said the capability to have multiple admins was live yet. I heard rumors and read old blogs that said it was coming but never knew it was live. I started messing around with the settings and found that the ability is there and really isn't that difficult. Here's how you do it.

1. Make sure you are using Google+ as the page that you want to add admins to. Click on the little gear icon in the top right corner. Then click Google+ Settings.

2. Once you get to the settings page, click on Managers on the left hand side

3. Once you're in the managers page you can pick who you want to manage your page with you by sending them an email. Once they accept the email they will be managers of pages and will have full functionality with the page.

The person who originally made the page is the sole owner. If you want to transfer complete ownership to someone you have to make sure they are a manager of the page first and then you can transfer it over. If you click the "learn more" link there is a bunch of extra info that might be useful to you.

Just that simple!


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