Thursday, May 24, 2012

Utah State: Best dang Twitter users in the state of Utah

I've always thought that Utah State was the most social campus in Utah but I never had significant data to back that up. I finally found proof. Regardless of the fact that we've got things to trend in SLC like #occupythespectrum, and more recently #usugrad2012, I wanted to see the numbers for normal everyday Twitter use. So here you go! #AggieLife is the gold. #UteNation is blue and #WeAreWeber is red. (I didn't include BYU because I couldn't find anything that any of their students used consistently on Twitter.) I know the #BYU has tag is very heavily used but that is in no way a measure of student life. My intention was merely to measure student activity.

Here is the direct link if you want to check it out for yourself.
(All info source:

There is considerable drop off once summer hits but honestly we're still kicking their trash.
Here's why:




Our past 26 days beats both of their "All Time". Not to mention our all time is pretty dang impressive. Proof that this hash tag is alive and well is in the "Past 1 Hour", "Past 1 Day" and "Past 7 Day" stats.

There is no stopping the #AggieLife


  1. This is interesting data! Very cool!

  2. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Showing it to my bosses!

    1. Sweet. I love the unified culture we have and #AggieLife just pulls it all together even more.

    2. After talking to some of the other schools at Utah Leadership Academy, they all recognize that our students tweet more than any of the others and we do it in a very unified way. I am really impressed with the growth over the last year, and I hope we can see more next year as well.

      I think a great portion of it is due to Trent and Sterling Morris (both the USUAggies and the Huntsman_School accounts are FANTASTIC).

      Thanks Braden!