Tuesday, April 9, 2013


There's an APP for that...

This video is a great representation of some of the cool new apps emerging out there...

I'm sure you've heard the phrase before. It's turned into a worldwide joke, because quite frankly, there's an app for just about everything. These people below are some of the frontrunners in app design and creation... I think...

Apps like Angry Birds have taken over the smart phone world. This little company called Rovio created a game where you throw birds at structures and try to destroy little green balls with faces. Simple right? It has turned Rovio into a 1 billion dollar company. Still going strong 2 years later.

With success like that, why not create your own app and try to get in on the money? That's exactly what thousands of people are thinking. Apps can be a great way to make money but they can also be a great way to make your business more legitimate.

For example companies like Vivint and Brinks have created apps that control everything in your house. Before when you had a security system you had to push all the buttons and set everything by hand. Now you can check house temperatures, fire alarm batteries and set your lights and alarms from anywhere you have cell/WiFi service.

Pricing of apps has always been interesting to me. I'll go to the store and spend $1.50 on a drink without even thinking about it but if I see an app that isn't free I usually don't get it. Maybe no I'll be more inclined to do so but I just love a cold beverage more than an app.. 

The ability for anyone to make apps and give them out free has created quite the predicament for app developers. People almost expect most apps to be free and if they're not it's usually a sore subject. Letting people know that your app is worth their money is hard but if you can do it, you may be on the fast track to become just like Rovio. #dreambig.


  1. I agree with the cold beverage love. You can't go wrong with a nice little DP. Maybe I'll actually buy a beneficial app rather than that cute little beverage. No promises.

  2. That's funny you say that about a cold drink and apps because I do the same thing! Now I'll think twice when i go to purchase a drink. Great post!

  3. I totally agree that everyone expects apps to be free. That's a tough battle to fight if a company wants to charge for a premium app