Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Special" Ks

I've now dominated half of my Special K bundle of fun and I have to say I am quite impressed with the results. There is no clear winner as each new box I open really seems to give the rest a run for their money. After realizing that all these cereals are really good I've come to realize why I started this challenge in the first place.... To find new cereals that I love just as much if not more than the classics. They say Adam and Eve had to partake of the fruit otherwise they would have had no joy because they would have known no sorrow. I feel this relates directly to my cereal challenge. I considered myself a connoisseur of cereal, I'm now finding out that there is a whole world of flavors and combinations out there that I haven't tried. I had no idea the joy I could receive from eating red berry Special K because I felt like I was required to get the classics like captain crunch, froot loops, and lucky charms. Don't get me wrong, those are great cereals, but I now realize there is a vast frontier of amazing cereals that can rival the greats.

Here are the totals so far:

Special K Red Berry:

Taste: 7.3, I was quite impressed with this one. The strawberries are at least 3 times the size of the ones in honey bunches of oats with strawberries. I really liked the strawberries but the bran flakes weren't doin it for me. Don't get me wrong I like healthy but let's be honest if we are going for taste, healthy usually takes a back seat.

Crave Factor: 5, I was diggin it but wasn't too hard to stop at 1 bowl.

Crunch Resistance: 3, all of the Special K guys will score pretty low in this category. Just the way things are

Overall Satisfaction: 6.5, Overall not a bad cereal.

Special K Blueberry:

Taste: 5, I'm being very generous with this, lets just put it at that. The blueberry flavor was very fake and not very appetizing. It did get better towards the end of the bowl though which is why I boosted it from a 3.6 to a 5

Crave Factor: 2 Straight up if the taste doesn't score high, this shouldn't be any different.

Crunch Resistance: 3.4, I don't know what it was about this cereal but it stayed crunchier than some of the others.

Overall Satisfaction: 3.5, Can't say I'd ever buy this again. Kellogs should cut their losses and discontinue this one. They could make more money focusing on their better cereals.

Special K (original):

Taste: 6.6, I found the rice flavor, though plain, to be a good change. I enjoyed it

Crave Factor: 7, I did want another bowl. I think I even had 3

Crunch Resistance: 2, This one murdered it.

Overall Satisfaction: 6.9, Oddly enough I really liked this one. Guess I'm just a fan of rice cereal. Could be because I lived in Korea... Who knows?

Special K Fruit and Yogurt:

Taste: 4, Didn't really dig this flavor. Couldn't tell what fruit it was. I've noticed this a trend with some of their cereals. The fruit tastes too fake.

Crave Factor: 2, I've had it for a week and still only ate the 1 bowl. 

Crunch Resistance: 3.5, Like the blueberry, stayed a little more crunchy than the normal cereal, probably because the added things.

Overall Satisfaction: 2.4, Wouldn't get this one again either. It's going to be a close race between this and the blueberry for last place.

Special K Multigrain Oats and Honey:

Taste: 9, I have been waiting for a high scoring one and here it is. Loved it!

Crave Factor: 9, Could have eaten the whole box but I had to go to work. 

Crunch Resistance: 4, The oats kept it crunchier than the rest of the cereals

Overall Satisfaction: 9.3, I was very satisfied with this cereal. For sure going to be a staple in my future.

I also tried a prime contender (recommended by Kurtis Koch) for the overall champ of all champs Honey Gram Oh's:

Taste: 9.2, Amazing... Not a lot more to describe it

Crave Factor: 9.5, I just about ate the whole box

Crunch Resistance: 10, The first perfect score of the challenge. I was still scraping the roof of my mouth with the last bite. No idea how they do it!

Overall Satisfaction: 9.6, What else can I say?

I dare say I tried 2 of the best cereals I have ever eaten this past week. The cereal challenge is exceeding all my expectations. 5 more flavors of Special K and I'll be able to crown the champ in the Special K category. That oats and honey one is going to be hard to beat but I still have vanilla almond which to me sounds really good.

Here is the running total so far:

Honey Gram Oh's: 9.6
SK Oats and Honey: 9.3
Alphabits: 8
SK Original: 6.9
SK Red Berry: 6.5
Chocolate Chex: 6
SK Blueberry: 3.5
SK Fruit and Yogurt: 2.4

Keep on Chuggin.


  1. Okay I guess I am late to the party but this blog seems to be to me, a bit of a revelation. Yes I did know about your love for fine cereal, but no, I did not know about your ability to prose about things like this in such a creative and fun way. I am in awe and have enjoyed this blog and hope to be a partaker of future blogs.

  2. I think this is my favorite blog I've ever read. Keep on keepin' on.