Monday, June 20, 2011

Keep on Keepin' on

First of all, BIG thanks to everyone who shared and watched Cereal: The Musical. It was pretty sweet to get all the positive feedback. No where near viral but NBD. I'm going to keep on keepin' on, doin my cereal blogging thing, and hopefully get a viral video in the near future.

Recently I have taken it upon myself to dominate the Chex family. It was nothing compared to the size of the Special K family, but nonetheless has some good contenders for the crown. I'm just going to cut to the chase on this one and dive right in to the rankings.

Rice Chex

Taste: 3.4, Maybe it's that I got sick of the whole rice thing, or the fact that I haven't had a GOOD cereal in awhile but I just wasn't feelin it with the Rice Chex. Honestly wasn't bad, but neither are Lebron James' basketball skills and he still doesn't have a ring. No dis on the king, just putting it into perspective. There are plenty of good things out there, this challenge is only looking for the best. Maybe for you LDS peeps I could refer to the Good, Better, Best talk by Dallin H. Oaks. I seek only for the best cereals. I waste time not with the good, or the better.

Crave Factor: 3, Wasn't licking every last bit of cereal dust out of the bag. Not even close

Crunch Resistance: 2, Chex just had it coming from the beginning. It's not a very well built cereal for crunch resistance. It's good for party treats and healthy church snacks that little kids only like if their parents are the ones that believe sugar cereal is even. I have a little beef with this belief. Until you show me solid evidence and studies done by actual doctors on whether or not sugar cereal is bad for kids I'm not buying into it. I mean, I grew up fine. It is a proven fact however that sugar DOES NOT make kids hyper. So if that is part of your argument for strict non-sugar cereal diets, you need a new game plan. I've already stuffed your slam dunk attempt. Also a proven fact; Eating breakfast vs. not eating breakfast is like shooting a red brick with a yellow arrow... it just makes sense. When I was a kid if I woke up and all we had was Rice Crispies and Rice Chex, you know I would have starved til lunch, not paid attention in class because I was hungry, and then proceeded to eat more than is healthy for a young child to eat all because I didn't eat breakfast. Rewind that situation, enter the blessing of sugar cereal and I would have had 1 maybe 2 bowls of something like Frosted Flakes or Froot Loops, paid attention in class (because remember sugar doesn't make kids hyper) and then eaten a healthy amount for lunch because I got my day started right with some calcium, fiber, and carbs. I'm done with my beef sesh, but it's my blog and I'll say it how it is. Get your kids some fetchin' sugar cereal. It will save their life!

Overall Satisfaction: 3, (see above)

Honey Nut Chex

Taste: 6.5, Finally something good! Thank you Chex for taking a great base of a cereal and adding some much needed flavor to it! Love the Honey Nut Chex. 

Crave Factor: 7, Just the perfect combination of something... I don't know what, but I was definitely thirsty for more.

Crunch Resistance: 3, There was a little sugar coating that helped with the crunch factor, but it was short lived.

Overall Satisfaction: 7, Boom. I'll say it. This is a great quality cereal and you can bet your bottom I'll buy it again.

Corn Chex

Taste: 4.1, This guy was a bit better than the Rice Chex, but still was missing the sugar (see above for any explanation)

Crave Factor: 3.5, Meh...

Crunch Resistance: 3, of course.

Overall Satisfaction: 3.8, Not a lot to say about this guy. Basically just yellow colored Rice Chex with a slightly different aftertaste.

Wheat Chex

Taste: 3, Basically the same taste as Wheaties. Only I didn't think it was near as good as Wheaties. I'd probably rate Wheaties around a 5 (Just FYI)

Crave Factor: 2

Crunch Resistance: 4.3, These were quite a bit crunchier than any of it's Chex family buddies.

Overall Satisfaction: 2, Just wasn't feelin these.

Cinnamon Chex

Taste: 6.6, These were also great. Once again they took the good base that they have going for themselves and souped it up with some high quality flavor. Thank the good lord for cinnamon sugar. Such a great additive to most breakfast foods (toast, donuts, bagels, cereal, oatmeal...)
Crave Factor: 6.9, Yeah, I wanted more :)

Crunch Resistance: 3.2, Got killed in this category, but who cares. I ate it so fast it didn't really matter.

Overall Satisfaction: 6.7, Quality.

Now there has been some speculation about my rating scale. I won't get on my soap box like I did with sugar cereal but this is my challenge, and I will rate things how I want. I don't care if the 'overall satisfaction' number doesn't add up to the average of the other 3 scores. It's my overall thoughts, feelings and emotions on the cereal. There are many other factors in determining a good cereal besides the 4 I chose. The first 3 are to be taken literally, and the 4th is just, all things set aside, how I felt about the cereal. Boom!

Peace and Blessings.

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