Saturday, July 2, 2011

Guest Post: Thomas Kano

I got a call from my bro in North Carolina out doin that summer sales thing. He came across a cereal I have never heard of and sent me his review of it. Here is this week's guest post by Thomas Kano. Hope you enjoy it!

As I entered the realm of the cereal aisle at the local Wal Mart in Charlotte, North Carolina I spied a cereal I had never seen before...... Brownie Crunch. I couldn't resist and had to buy it, after all brownies are my favorite. Although I had just eaten dinner I had to try a bowl only to find out they were just square Coco Puffs. Nothing special about the cereal after all. It didn't even have a hint of brownie flavor. It was heart breaking to say the least. These ratings show my disappointment in them.

Flavor- 1.6. Not a huge fan of the Coco Puffs fake chocolate flavor hence not a huge fan. Besides it was a huge disappointment that they didn't taste anything like a brownie.

Crunch Resistance- 7.2. It stayed surprisingly crunchy until I took the last bite.

Crave Factor- 1.8. I will eat the rest of the box because I have it and I don't want to throw it away, but honestly I will never buy them again.

Overall Satisfaction- 3. They only really had crunchiness going for them in the first place.

Take my evaluation for what it is worth but overall I wouldn't recommend this cereal to anyone unless you like Coco Puffs.

Another new and exciting sugar cereal that I had never seen at the store and it was a must have. After consulting with my "cereal advisor" I was informed that I should try them. I couldn't wait until the morning to try them and ate a bowl immediately after the not-so-impressive Brownie Crunch. Here are the findings of this cereal that is named after the most delicious Mexican dessert.

Flavor: 4.7. This cereal had me having an orgasm in my mouth after the first two bites, but then disappointed me as the cinnamon is so lightly coated on there it just comes right off leaving you eating packing peanuts in milk.

Crunch resistance: 7.4. Be pretty dang bulky in stature milk was not going to win the fight with these bad boys.

Crave Factor: 3.5.  I would have wanted a million bowls until I got to the 2nd half of the bowl and it tasted like packing peanuts.

Overall Satisfaction: 4.9. It was a good cereal just lacked the lasting flavor throughout the bowl. It is a must have if you pour only two to three spoonfuls at a time.

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