Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging: A blog post about what to post on your blog

With a somewhat unusual topic today I will attempt to blog about how to blog by citing articles from other blogs that also attempt to tell you how to blog. I said blog a lot in that last sentence but it was absolutely necessary, I assure you.

Everyone has seen examples of good blogs and examples of bad blogs. Actually, I take that back. The people that live in those little villages in the amazon that have no idea what goes on in the outside world probably haven't even seen a computer, let alone got on it and read a blog. So I guess I lied when I said "everyone" but I'm going to assume you weren't completely outraged enough to stop reading at my audacity to say such a false statement... 

So, I guess "a good majority" of people have seen good and bad blogs (is that better? more politically correct? yes? no?) Instead of writing about all the techniques I learned I am going to help you out by applying my knowledge and creating the best, most perfect blog post there ever was. I give you full permission to copy what I do and turn your own ordinary blogs into an amazing blog!

To have a good blog you need to separate ideas and thoughts into easy to read paragraphs and have pictures for visual stimulation. I've already been separating my paragraphs (see above) so now I will give you an example of putting a picture on your blog. (Take note of this and make sure to do it on your blog too so that lots of really cool people will like your blog and want to read it all the time)

                                         Picture for visual stimulation (feeling engaged yet??)

I'm going to share with you an interesting fact that isn't found in either of the cited articles. Sex sells... However, on the internet, cute also sells. With some of the most watched YouTube videos being either cat, kitten or puppy related, you would be an idiot not to take advantage of that. I predict that if I put this as my thumbnail when I share this blog I will get at least 3 times as many people to read this than I would if it was just some boring picture of something boring. Look how cute these little guys are! Don't you just want to pet them?!

In addition to pictures and paragraphs content is a very important part of your blog. Think about it. If you didn't have content nobody would read your blog.... They couldn't, because there is no content. Get it? :) Sometimes I just make myself laugh so hard that I have to quit typing for like 30 seconds to regain my composure. That was just one of those times.

Content. You need to really talk about something you know about or have at least done some reading about. People can smell BS (Bull Sh**) a mile away. 

Ex. 1) I know what is up with my gangsters in the hood brother. I am the most gangster person you will ever get to know on a personal basis. I have killed people. Lots of people. I even stole a car once. So when all the other gangsters are talking about stuff in the street about me I won't have it. This gangster stuff is really crazy. If you ever need to know some information on gangster feel free to ask me because I know everything.

Ex. 2) (original wording edited for sensitive content) Yo n**** I know ya'll ain't talkin no s*** on my n**** Mad Dog! This ish about to get real! I'm finna put a green light on yo a** if you come around my streets again you goin get twisted n****! aint no one be talkin s*** on my n**** o you be finna get f***** by the baddest m****f**** around. I be reppin the streets an OG from Detroit. If ya'll need some deets on what the G life is like i'll hook a brotha up. but i aint promisin you aint goin get messed up. 

As you can clearly tell. One person knows what they are talking about and the other is some wannabe punk that thinks he knows what the streets are like. I don't know about you but I'm getting my info from the 2nd guy, and at all costs staying away from him and whatever he's involved with... cuz i aint finna get twisted n****! 

Finally I think humor is one of the most important things you need to have on your blog. I've tried to make this as humorous as possible to get the point across that people enjoy reading things that are different, that aren't your normal everyday phrases you learned in english 1010 (sorry educators..). I'm talking about really bringing a personality to your blog. If you can't do that, you aren't going to get as much attention or loyal fans. Don't be afraid to try out a new style of writing. If it bombs you have an unlimited amount of blog posts to try something new until you find something that works. 

Peace love and stitches my n*****!


  1. I love that you incorporated pictures! Seriously, it makes things so much more entertaining. I also like your voice, it's down to earth and like a conversation. That was quite the gangsta blog post you found!

  2. hahaha, wait but I'm really lol'ing. this was great. seriously. I'm commenting on yours every assignment. sew funnay.