Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My SIC preview: A look at how innovations have transformed our world.

I know you may have blocked it from your mind but there was a time when smart phones didn't exist... Gasp! Yes, dig deep in that little memory of yours, I know it's in there! Go back way before even cell phones were around. Phones used to have cords (I know, it's weird to me too) Remember  how annoying it was being stuck to the wall whenever you had to make a phone call? 

I still remember the day we upgraded from the 3ft to the 20ft cord. I remember because I could distinctly hear angels singing in the heavens... Along with the longer cord came the "how many times can I wrap the curly cord around my finger before it turns blue and falls off" game. (Fact: I was the reigning undisputed champion of the house up until we got a cordless)

As great as that all seemed at the time, the way technology has transformed makes corded phones seem as exciting as pocket lint.

When I think of transformations the first thing that comes to mind is Transformers. I appreciate Michael Bay's understanding of what transformation means. Everyone thought cars and planes were fine and dandy until Mike decided they could be more than that. Mike is an innovator.

The way interactive technology has transformed from wall phones to smart phones is just one example of the benefits of embracing innovation and change. People are always hesitant to embrace change, yet if nothing ever changed we would all be running around in loin cloths throwing rocks at each other. Instead, we run around with all kinds of different clothes throwing angry birds at wooden structures on our personal portable devices. (sounds a lot better huh?!) Change can be a good thing.

To me the fact that technology has transformed so much over the past few years just means that we have some brilliant minds out there. If I had to sum up the meaning of transformation I would probably say something like this:

Transformation is the acceptance of innovation and creativity by the general population.

Whether something is good or bad doesn't matter. If the general population embraces it, it is going to transform them. We have to be careful about what changes we accept. As much as transformations have made our world better there is always the possibility that they will make it worse. My advice? As they say on the slopes: "Keep your tips up" 

Innovators and entrepreneurs are an elite group of people who change the world. They challenge the norms and aren't happy until they've created something new and different. That's exactly the kind of people I see when I look through the list of speakers for this year's SIC (Seattle Interactive Conference).

I am most excited about the lectures to be given at SIC. As an aspiring entrepreneur and innovator, I could not be more intrigued about what things they will have to say. They really are some of the people that have transformed the world we live in. They have all climbed the ladder of success and can tell you which rungs are slippery and where the best places to hold on are as you climb it yourself. The easiest way to be successful is to learn from the experiences of others. (There is a reason the Trojan Horse only worked one time. After that everyone learned from the experience and didn't let unidentified wooden horses come through their city gates.)

Learn from others and embrace innovation. Let it continue to transform the world for the better. I can't wait to see the inventions that make smart phones seem as exciting as pocket lint...

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  1. Haha wrapping the curly cord around your finger. May or may not have been my fav thing to do while chatting on the home phone. Classic.