Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't tell me where to sit

Here's the deal. Quite honestly I'm pretty easy going. I don't remember the last time I was furious at someone. I tend to keep my cool pretty well and let things roll off my back.

So when I say that this subject invokes more feelings of anger than almost any other, you should know it's something I'm passionate about.

There are 2 parts to this topic:

1. Sitting on the edge
2. Sitting in the back

Sitting On The Edge

Let me explain. When I choose to sit somewhere, it's a very conscious decision. I know what I'm doing. For example when I took Anatomy with Andy Anderson in the spring of 2010 there were many instances where I got up extra early (not something I do easily, ask anyone) so that I could get a seat on the edge for test days. Why did I do that? Two reasons.
1. I wanted to be one of the first ones to get the test so I could have that much more time to get focused and take it.
2. So that when I was done I didn't have to crawl over 10 people with 6 inches of leg room filled with backpacks to get out and turn it in.
So when I say I was about to lose my cool with the TA for literally making me scoot in to the center (yes I'm using that word correctly here, he literally made me move to the center) you know I was mad. **side note: It didn't help that that very same semester that TA had docked me points on a Biology paper because my title was "too creative" His exact words: "Creativity has no place in science" I will thank him, however, for confirming that science isn't for me. Obviously if there is no creativity in the field I should get out because heaven forbid sometimes I like to crack jokes or think outside the box... 

"Ok, everyone, if you're sitting on the edges scoot in so that those who are late can find a seat"

(Warning: My language may get a little graphic) I don't know about you but I want to throw a litter of kittens onto the freeway every time I hear that. (No I would never really do that, don't go calling PETA. ) Why do those people who are late just get to come in NBD, grab an easy seat, not have to crawl over anyone, get some nice legroom off to the side and when they're done just get up real easy without having to trip over anyone? THEY WERE LATE! Let them deal with finding a seat, they're grown ups. I say quit sticking up for them! If I remember right, all through the semester teachers don't hold up the lecture and make everyone who was there on time wait to start... why is this any different?

Now you might think I'm being hard on those kids but I'm very much able to say this being a frequent "late goer" myself. I don't expect the teacher to wait for me, or make people scoot in for me; I was late. I understand that as an adult attending an institution for higher education there are consequences for my actions.

This isn't just a school thing either. I've had this conversation with my family a few times and they feel the same way. Our usual spot at church is on the right edge of one of the middle pieus. Just last week the bishop asked everyone to scoot in so that those who were late could find a spot. (As you know there are plenty of moments when parents are proud of their kids; this isn't one of those moments. At this moment, I the kid, was proud of my parents) They stuck it out, didn't move, and enjoyed sacrament meeting on the edge of the pieu. I almost shed a tear of joy when they told me that story. My family is the bomb.

Sitting In The Back

As my tweep best friend always says #backrowforlyphe! I'm a huge advocate of back row dwelling. I don't know why, it's just been that way since the school days of sitting at the back of the bus. We weren't cool because we sat at the back of the bus, the back of the bus was cool because we sat there. That's just how it was. I assume that same mentality just sticks with people as they get older. That's the only explanation I've been able to come up with.

My example for sitting on the edges was school related and there is no doubt that this is a problem I'm faced with quite often in today's education system, ("Professor, I know I can't hear your lecture from the back, that's why I sat there. Just be glad I came...") but my biggest beef in the subject came as a result of a leader in one of my singles wards. Every week, without fail, he would make me and my buddies feel like we were the scum of the earth because we sat in the back. I don't ever remember reading that principle anywhere in the Bible and last I checked SOMEONE has to be in the back... I was never sure why it was not ok for us to be in the back. The thing that really got me going was that his favorite thing to say was: "you'll never reach your full potential if you sit in the back." Really?... If that's the truth, I guess I'm doomed to grow up and live in a box on the street because my obviously rebellious preference for the back row left me no other options... I guess it wouldn't be all that bad. No one would ever tell me where to sit. :)

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