Tuesday, January 29, 2013


There's power in visualizing ideas with your mind AND your eyes. I love whiteboards for that exact reason. I could sit in front of a whiteboard and spit out all sorts of thoughts and ideas for hours. There's something about actually seeing the thoughts I have in my mind that makes them come together better.

I feel the same way about blogging. Blogger, the platform I'm currently blogging on, defines blogging as this: In essence, a place to express your thoughts.

One of my favorite things to blog are rants. There are a few things in life that I have beef with and I love to get that beef out clearly in writing. I can make sense of hundreds of jumbled thoughts when I write them on my blog the same way I do when I delve into a whiteboard sesh.

Blogging to me is like putting a puzzle together. There are thousands of puzzle pieces in my head for thousands of different puzzles and the only way to put one of those puzzles together is to spit out a bunch of pieces and see what fits together. I enjoy every second of it. Even as I blog now I'm going back and deleting and adding words and sentences in this post to make sure it communicates my thoughts exactly how I want. Once the finished product is done, I hit post and show it to the world. Yes, the world. The whole world can see your blog. Too many people feel like their blog is small and insignificant so they can post whatever they want. In reality, anyone could find your post. The president of the U.S.. A Russian spy. An old girlfriend/boyfriend you hate. Anyone. Think about that next time before you post.

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  1. Your personality really comes out in your posts. It is a glimpse into your mind.