Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beef with 3D

So I feel the need to dedicate today's blog to something that's been driving me fetching nuts for the past year. Why in the world do people think that 3D movies and television is the future.... Do we not remember that 3D was invented YEARS ago on cereal boxes? Ya it was pretty cool for maybe a week, or at most 8 days... but after that it was just annoying because every time you wanted to look at the stupid picture you either stared at it without glasses and hurt your eyes or had to find the glasses to look at it, but usually they were ripped in 2 or 3 pieces from the fight you had with your brother or sister earlier that day about who could look through them to see the picture. As we know that FAD died out quick.. Although it is pretty cool that they can do it with moving pictures who in their right mind is going to go out and buy a TV where you have to buy separate glasses to watch it with.. what about people who already wear glasses? do they have perscription 3D glasses? or are they just left out of the equation... doesn't that totally defeat the purpose of 3D.. to have a crystal clear image in 3D.. "well without my glasses everything is blurry so watching a 3D movie with the glasses is pointless because its blurry when I have my normal glasses on and blurry when I have the 3D glasses on. I want a refund!!!" Ya its cool to have the images jumping out at you but it's not like that in real life.  I would much rather them spend money on making bigger HD televisions for cheaper with higher resolution than wasting money on 3D TV's and movies that are only going to be cool for the Tuesday and Wednesday after you buy it. After that on the weekend when everyone wants to come over and watch the game, sucks to be the 20 guys that don't get the glasses.. maybe you can pass them around and everyone can have the glasses for 1 minute each. "oh I hope I'm wearing the glasses when we get a touchdown!" If they really want to make something that everyone can enjoy get off the 3D bandwagon and start working on how to make HD TV's bigger and cheaper.. 3D will never get big enough to be a booming market. it is what it is... a FAD... and FADs live short and die hard. So basically I'm ragging on 3D TV's.. but I still don't and won't pay extra to get into a 3D movie.. they just make me sick. definitely not worth it.

Nuff said.

If anyone has any beef with my opinion hit me up I love a good conversation.

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