Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here I come

Seeing as how I haven't written in this thing since November I thought I would get everyone caught up on my life. Since November I have taken a huge swing in the multimedia direction. I dropped more money than I paid for my car on a computer and a camera so I can dominate the video world. I've created a company in the works "LimeJuice Films" and done a few videos with it. Since I'm majoring in marketing my goal is to do promotional videos for all sorts of other companies, people and events. So far I've had a couple jobs and it has been I also got hired as the video specialist for the Business School at USU. The job is incredible and will put me leaps and bounds ahead of other people trying to get into my field.

Me and Twitter have become good friends.

Kinda like Rob and Big.

I feel like facebook is just a place to stalk people and advertise events.

Twitter is a whole new living world that you can talk to anybody about things going on in real time. if you don't tweet more than once a day it's not really worth it, if you post on facebook more than once a day people get sick of you and hide you from their feed. I like the twitter world, It's a pretty dope ride. I know exactly what is going on in real time with anything that I care about. Amazing!

Tomorrow is easter so I thought I'd share a little thought for anyone reading so they can get some good spiritual vibes.

Great message. I really am grateful for my savior and what he has done for me and the world. I hope I can always exemplify him in everything I do.

In closing:
I really do enjoy writing, and writing whatever the heck I want. I also have one h.e.-double hockey stick of a bucket list for this summer so I'll keep it up to date on the ol blog. You just wait. This will be my first real free summer since my mission (since my first year I did summer school and last year I agreed to go to the depths of hell and suffer body, mind and spirit for the entire summer to earn just as much money as I would have if I had stayed home and waited tables at Maddox (which I enjoy), working half the hours and actually enjoying life. Summer Sales will always be an experience to remember. I did make great friends and have a few good experiences so in some way it was good because their friendship means a lot. But never again will I throw myself into such a horrible trap.) This summer I will bask in the sun, Relax in the grass having BBQ's everyday, wakeboard with my homies and get paid to shoot sick videos.

Peace Love and Happiness.

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