Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Challenge

For those of you who know me best... You know that I enjoy cereal more than I should. It's definitely a comfort food and I'll eat it 24/7. I would have died freshman year had it not been for the sweet embrace of my crunchy frosted lightly toasted chocolatey best friends.  As should everyone, I have a bucket list for this summer. I will be releasing this list later but first things first is the Cereal Challenge.  I am going to make every effort possible to try every name brand cereal in existence. (off brands just rip off the good stuff so why even waste my stomach space?) I will be rating these cereals on 4 standards.

-Taste - What song does it play for my taste buds. Are they dancing to Mo-Tab or....... Ke$ha?
-Crave Factor - Do I want another bowl? or 2? or 4? or finish the box?
-Crunch Resistance - Is the last bite still cereal or can it be fed through a straw?
-Overall Satisfaction - Was it a Grand slam or did you take one for the team? Touchdown or fumble?
       -----All judging is on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best)-----

 This is my blog and my challenge so of course all my answers will be biased. I may offend some people. I've already come to terms with that fact. Send all hate mail to and I will promptly delete it for you. If you have a cereal you think I should try let me know I won't delete those emails.

#1 Post Alpha-Bits

        -Taste: 6.2, flavor wasn't blowing up in my mouth but after a good couple spoonfuls it was more enjoyable. Not quite the potent frosted flavor I was expecting but still pretty good
        -Crave Factor: 7, I was pretty hungry when I had my first bowl and the flavor was just starting to intrigue me so I did have a 2nd bowl and it was equally as enjoyable as the first
        -Cruch Resistance: 5, Not the best but not the worst, I didn't expect it to score very high but it wasn't a disgusting mushy mess.
        -Overall Satisfaction: 8, I know the numbers don't add up but I'm a big fan of frosted cereals like this. I would definitely buy another box in the future.
 Mostly just because I can do stuff like this:

Check back soon! Next time I will be rating General Mills Chocolate Chex.

Keep it fresh!

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