Friday, April 29, 2011


In continuation of the recently started "Cereal Challenge" today I conquered a bowl of these bad boys:

I served my mission in Korea and they have the best chocolate chex I have ever had in my entire life hands down... -------------->

Needless to say I was very reluctant to try these and pretty much only did because of the challenge. For the sake of the challenge I did my best not to compare the 2 but to give the scores based off of what they are and not how they measure up to their korean competitor.

-Taste: 6.5, This was another one of those cereals that wasn't uber impressive the first bite but came back with a decent fight halfway through. The chocolate was powdered on so it kinda turned all the chex into semi chocolatey chex instead of some being really chocolatey.
-Crave Factor: 5, It was good but after a few times I didn't have the crave to buy a million boxes and eat it all up. Not sure why, but there was just something about it.
-Crunch Resistance: 3, There was not much crunch left by the last bite. I could tell I was eating something square shaped, but that was about it. Except for the pieces that somehow had corners that escaped the milk. They were a little bit crunchy still.
-Overall Satisfaction: 6, I liked it but it just wasn't something to brag about. I'd probably buy 1 more box and that's it. The flavor was ok, Kinda a semi-sweet chocolate that I don't feel went well with cereal. Left a slight aftertaste and combined with the other scores I'd say they came off lucky with a 6.

It's only the 2nd box but I'll tell you I'm stoked for the rest of the cereals! I've already had numerous people tell me their favorites and which ones I should try. Keep em coming!

-With Love

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