Monday, November 8, 2010

The Party Life

So it came to my attention this past Sunday night at 4 am just before I went to bed that I don't remember a Sunday since I've rolled with the KK1 krew that I didn't have a wristband or a mark on my hand from a party the night before. The party life is definitely keepin me going. I would like to settle down and start a family but I'm not dating anyone so I might as well live it up all I can until that day comes. I believe general authorities have stated "find joy in the journey" and not live my life for tomorrow. So that's what I'm doing. Just following the commandments.... :) in my own way I guess..
Here is a video documenting our latest Fiasco... Fieldhouse Fiasco

Since last time I dedicated my post to my favorite famous female of all time I thought I can't leave my man Robert Dyrdek out of here.

Rob is a beast. He comes up with the best business ideas ever, lives his life and makes everybody believe that what he is doing is the best idea ever. That is his main key to success I would say. He's straight DGL but I'm ok with that... I'm working on becoming him. So I need to get sponsored by a huge company, get amazing at skateboarding, live in LA, hire my cousin to be my assistant, make the most expensive grilled cheese ever, dominate shooting basketballs into hoops 50 feet in the air behind my head...first try, buy a racehorse and jockey it, build my own indoor fantasy factory fully equipped with everything including foam pit, hire a 416lb black man to protect me against the fuzz, get 2 bulldogs and a mini horse, attempt to buy a motel in vegas but back out because its a bad idea, and just flat out love my life. Thanks for the inspiration.


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  1. Did you know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Fantasy Factory?! It is too funny! remember that one week in high school that we Hung out everyday?